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July 24th - Mamá supports the
The San Francisco VA Medical Center's

Mental Health Summit

SF Veterans

Coming Soon

Cuban Art: Feminine Voices and Poetics

Mamá teams up with Cara & Cabezas Contemporary to bring an elite collection of Cuban Art to its first exhibition in the States.

 Bay Guardian

Welcome to Mamá online, the virtual complement to our San Francisco venue, Mamá Art Cafe, also known as Cafe Mamá.  We invite you to leisurely shop our variety of products, learn how to further support the cultural space, and check out our upcoming events.

Honored as 2009 Small Business of the Year in California's 8th Senate District

2011 Honored as part of the Annual Hispanic Business Salute

2010 Latino Heritage Award for Achievement in Business and Arts

2010 Invitation from San Francisco Travel to be an "Only in San Francisco Business"

Awarded Art and Culture Award by Salvadoran Chamber of Commerce, San Francisco in 2008

Voted Best Cozy Café Gallery in the 2007 Bay Guardian Best of the Bay Awards
Selling coffees, teas, and snacks and decorated in soothing pastels, Mamá Art Cafe is a sweet little spot to take a breather from the Mission Street chaos. Evenings within its breezy confines have come alive with dinner tango performances and live jazz and bluegrass shows. And for the past three years the café has meticulously handpicked neighborhood and international artists to show their work there. Come to Mamá and keep an eye out for what might be the burgeoning Outer Mission School. Deborah Giattina, Bay Guardian